will be observed this month:
ON SATURDAY, January 12, 2019
10:30 am at the Rabbi's home
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Please join us in the celebration of Shabbat

The Torah portion is Parsha Bo
Exodus [Shemote] 10:1 – 13:16

It seems a bit early in the secular year to be talking about the Exodus from Egypt. You are correct. This year is a leap year and instead of having only one month of Adar, we have two. Now Passover is not until mid-April, but the cycle of Torah readings continues regardless.

In Parsha Bo, we read about the last three of the plagues that G-d visited upon the Egyptians. They are unique. Come and discuss how they differed and perhaps gain some insight to be shared around the Seder table.

The Haftarah is Jeremiah 46:13 - 28

The weekly portion tells of the ancient Pharaoh’s struggle with G-d, and the Haftarah updates the tale: a modern Pharaoh of Egypt will also suffer a bitter defeat.

In the year 609 B.C.E., Egypt had defeated Judah at the battle of Megiddo. Pharaoh Necho had slain King Josiah, then deposed his successor and set young Jehoiachin on the throne. Jeremiah foresaw that eventually Egypt would clash with Babylon, and indeed, in 605, Pharaoh Necho fought with Babylon’s Nebuchadnezzar and was defeated at the battle of Carchemish, which settled the fate of the Near East for a long time to come.

This is the first of Jeremiah’s oracles against foreign nations; they occupy the rest of the book. In the first part of chapter 46 (1 – 12), we find Jeremiah taunting Egypt over its defeat at Carchamesh: in the verses following (13 – 26), which have been selected by the Rabbis for the haftarah, the prophet predicts the invasion of Egypt by the Babylonians.
Marci and I have just returned from a fabulous trip to Australia (where we visited with Sarah, whom most of you remember) and a Chanukkah cruise around New Zealand. It has been a long time since we have been together and we are anxious to greet all of you and share stories of our adventures.
Purim begins on March 20, with the reading of the Megillah. We are planning our annual festival so please mark the date. We will not only read the Megillah and celebrate in costume, but we will be serving a delicious Chinese dinner. The cost is only $13.50/person. Your reservations and checks must be to me no later than March 8 to hold your place. Don’t miss the fun.
Please respond if you are planning to attend services as we would like to know how much food to prepare for lunch/Kiddush.
If you have a birthday in January or February, please let me know, so we may honor you at services.

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